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Inside Everwood!
Inside Facts About Everwood


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People ask us lots of questions about what it's like on the set, where scenes take place, and other fun stuff! So here's a inside list of stuff you might not know about the making of a TV show!

--> Everwood was originally intended to be a 2 hour movie. Producers decided that they had a wealth of material--more than enough to make a show and explore the characters.
--> The first episode of Everwood was shot in Canada because the 2002 Winter Olympic Games were going on in Utah, and would have made filming difficult.
--> Episodes are filmed approximately 8 weeks in advance, and it takes 8 days to film one episode.
--> Newspersons, teachers, and waitresses appearing on Everwood are local celebrities in Utah.
--> Many times Everwood filmed just around the corner from (the now canceled) "Touched By An Angel".
--> Extras are not allowed to talk to the stars unless they talk to us first. That includes autographs. The stars, however, are very friendly. No one is stuck up, difficult, or conceited. Gregory Smith once handed me a bottle of water, and I wanted so bad to tell him how much I enjoyed him in "Small Soldiers"!
--> Extras have more than one type of job. There are regular extras. Featured extras get approximately 10 seconds of camera time, and more money. The cashier or a waitress at Mama Joy's are happy extras! Extras who do "stand in" work for the stars also make a little more money by standing at the line or the mark where the stars will act out a scene, thus helping the film crew get the lighting and other details just right.
--> Generally, everyone is much smaller in person. The girls--Amy, Madison, Laynie, and Nina--are extremely thin and not very tall. The boys--Treat, Greg, Dr. Abbott are the same height, maybe 5'10 or 5'11". Chris Pratt (Bright) is the tallest and extremely cute. Very nice, too! Colin (Mike Erwin) is even more handsome in person, if you can imagine that!
--> Sarah Lancaster (Madison) is more gorgeous in person (if you can imagine that), and she has THE sweetest smile and personality.
--> Mike Lookinland of Bobby Brady fame is on the film crew of "Everwood". He is a quiet person who focuses hard on his job. He is friendly, but shy.
--> There is no music, no noise and no sound at all during actual filming. Everything is mimed, except for the actors saying their lines. The noise is shot separately, and added in later.
--> The streets and buildings are real. They shoot in a variety of small towns in northern Utah. The main city they shoot in is Ogden, a city about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City. The exterior of Dr. Brown's office is only that; just a facade, as well as Dr. Abbott's office, and Mama Joy's Diner. The show uses one street in Ogden as the downtown area of Everwood. They also use another town about 70 miles from Ogden for shots. The town is called Pleasant Grove, Utah, and looks like one of those towns that never came out of the 50's. Nothing is retouched. Also, some people ask if the mountains and snow are real. Yes, they are. Utah is a beautiful state.
--> The inside of most of the buildings in Everwood are sets. Dr. Brown, Dr. Abbott, and Delia's classroom are 3 sets in a giant warehouse in Salt Lake City. Motel rooms, classrooms, hallways, and general areas are sets. Across the street is another warehouse, and it has the principal's office, the Brown's living room, kitchen, stairs, and bedrooms. It even has a porch! The warehouse also has the Abbott's home set, and the inside of Mama Joy's diner.
--> The outside of the Everwood High School is really Juan Diego Catholic High School in Draper, Utah. They also use the inside of the school for a number of scenes. They shoot during school hours, because the lighting is good, and the students stop by to watch. They also shoot at a high school in the famous Park City, Utah, where many Olympic venues were held and people from all over come to ski! The Peak County Miners are a real team. A lot of the props they use are from the school's supply. In one episode, Bright's team played basketball, and it was a real high school basketball team.
--> The party scene in which Amy found out that Tommy was dealing drugs was shot inside a real home in Park City with 50 extras. House value? 7 MILLION DOLLARS!
--> The scene in which Colin had brain surgery was filmed in an abandoned hospital in downtown Salt Lake on one floor and about 20 extras.
--> The FunLand scene with Nina and her soon to be ex husband was shot at Jungle Jim's Playland in Murray, Utah in one morning. It took 5 hours to put together a 5 minute scene. There are only 4 Jungle Jim's in the entire United States (I can remember Utah, Kansas, and Phoenix, but not the other place!)