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Filming for Season 4 is expected to shut down on April 11, 2006.
posted March 18, 2006
There are approximately 6 fresh (new) episodes in the can. Everwood will be filming another month, and then shut down for the season, keeping its corporate fingers crossed in hopes that they will be picked by the CW network.
posted March 1, 2006
One scene in the September 20 episode ended up on the cutting room floor. In it, Ephram and Amy are having lunch outside while other students are doing homework, eating, and messing around with Frisbees. They were discussing going to an event, and they were sitting with two other students. Amy was sipping a juice box. Later, Ephram shows up at Amy's house with tickets, but Amy is gone--she's at the welcome back night at school.
posted September 21, 2004
Keep posting to the "Everwood" section of the WB site. The producers do read them, and do take into consideration the things fans say.
Filming resumed in July. The first episode of "Everwood" will air on September 13, 2004.
posted August 20, 2004
The Key Assistant Director, Robert Reese, recently announced to extras that the 1st season of "Everwood" will be available on DVD sometime soon.
Posted February 12, 2004
Filming shut down for two and a half months at the beginning of April.
Posted April 13, 2004
Utah TV celebrity James Jamison played Dr. Burdell at the Colorado A and M (air date: April 12) when Bright went to try to talk his way into getting accepted into the college and a man shook his hand). James has had many roles on the now cancelled "Touched by an Angel", Standard Optical commercials, Public Service Announcement commercials, Comcast Digital Cable, and nationally released movies.
Posted April 13, 2004

Gossip (but not plot giveaways!)

**** A crew member reports that that Chris Pratt (Bright) and Emily Van Camp (Amy) are a couple. That's right . . . on screen brother and sister are dating! ****
March 2006
Upcoming episodes: Look for Irv's book signing and a big surprise, Dr. Abbott buys some jewelry, but gets more--or less--than he bargained for, and Bright once again REALLY tests the waters of his relationship.
April 2005:
Filming for the 3rd season of "Everwood" is finished until July. So gear up for lots of reruns and episodes of the WB's "Summerland".
Andrew Smith, younger brother of star Greg Smith, did a short stint as a Production Assistant. When asked if his famous sibling acts like a big movie star, he shrugs and says in a high, slightly creaky voice, "He's just my big brother."
The prom scene took place in a nicely decorated barn at the Wheeler Historic Farm ( a working farm in Murray, Utah (a few minutes south of Salt Lake City).

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