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Inside Everwood!
Extras Biographies

We extras do more than act as background to make the stars look good! Check out what we do when we not pretending.

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Donna Conger, Website Designer
Extra Roles: Mom at arcade, shopper at mall (James Earl Jones episode), audience member at jazz concert and basketball game, and so much more!!!!

When I'm not doing "Everwood", I spend my time split between my hubby and 4 kids (one of which is also an extra), and my freelance writing career. I am the author of 4 romantic suspense novels, and one nonfiction book. Please visit my website for excerpts, contest information, ordering information and other goodies!


Aaron Justesen

Extra Roles: audience member at Boulder Jazz Festival, teenager at parties, high school student in hallway and cafeteria scenes, prom date to Amy's best friend, restaurant patron at popular high school hangout cafe.

Aaron is currently attending college where he is working towards a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Communications. He is an Eagle Scout and enjoys acting in the annual Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah, as well as in independent, as well as "big studio" film projects. He's also working on his own independent suspense feature.

Aaron does freelance work for Utah's Fox 13 and Channel 4, and when he's not working on film projects in one way or another, or attending school, he's probably sleeping! :)


Kim Baker
Extra roles: Just About Everything
I am a nurse and an aspiring actress who lives Layton. I have worked on Everwood several times. My latest gig is Unaccompanied Minors, a big screen movie set for release in December 2006. I am looking forward to bigger roles in the future! I consider myself single and looking! 


This southern gentleman is an aspiring actor who's already scored a handful of speaking roles in the Utah media, and roles in community theater productions. J.C. recently played a minister in Everwood (see photo below text), and along with the rest of us, will appear in the upcoming WB movie, "Unaccompanied Minors".
J.C. is also a public and instructional speaker, holds a Black Belt in American Karate, is an expert horseman, and a certified PADI scuba diver!

For more information on J.C. Shipp (or if you are a filmmaker who wants to hire him), visit his website at:




Diana Bahtishi
Diana is the author of the humor book, The Trouble with Women currently available on She also authored a newspaper column called  "Reality Check", and the previously performed play, "Apartment 3B." She has been a guest speaker at the Northern Utah Women's Conference and the Administrative Assistant Conference. Diana enjoys acting and does so whenever she gets the chance.