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Behind the Scenes (of): "Unaccompanied Minors"

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Unaccompanied Minors is a big screen, full feature family film that was shot almost exclusively in northern Utah. Many of the "extras" or background people in the hit TV show, Everwood, were busy on the set of this comedy.


So we've posted some of our behind the scenes stories and photos for you to enjoy. Be sure to click on the Pre-Release Information link for a bit more information on the movie.
The movie will be shown nation wide either near the end of November or the beginning of December. The TV news/entertainment program "Extra" visited the movie's child stars on the set, featuring a great interview with "That 70's Show" Fez.
The movie was shot primarily in the Salt Lake Public Library and the Salt Palace. The library is a gorgeous, 4 story glass building that was the perfect backdrop for an airport film. The first floor boasts a number of small shops, along with a full service sandwich, pastry, and coffee shop.
The Salt Palace is a long, wide, 2 story facility famous for holding world class conventions. Recently, the super famous Antiques Roadshow filmed an episode of precious finds in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and surrounding areas.
We arrived at the Library on a Monday, and spent 3 busy days while they filmed a variety of scenes that focused on Wilmer and the kids running down the corridors to a flight. In one scene, the flight gets canceled, and we extras had to react with rage, frustration, and desperation. The stars were extremely friendly, and more than willing to pose with extras and onlookers for photos. Unfortunately, on the first day, most of the extras did not have their cameras with them, so there weren't many pictures! During the next few days, we snapped photos between takes, and the one picture I got of Wilmer isn't in focus. But I'll share it with you anyway. He had just made this cute little speech about how he didn't know who he was. He wasn't Fez anymore, but he wasn't Wilmer, either. He said something about Lindsay Lohan, but he mumbled it with a grin!
The Salt Palace scenes were a lot of fun! They built an extremely realistic set in the massive lobby of the convention center. We arrived one day smack dab in the middle of the fictional Hoover International Airport, complete with fake snow on the windows, terminal counters, departure and arrival screens, stores, and even a food court. The Krispy Kreme counter was built for the scene, complete with donuts. The filming went long, and several of us extras joked about snatching up a few donuts to satisfy our empty stomachs.
Extras were divided into airport personnel: security guards, gate attendants, ticket agents, flight attendants, and pilots. The rest of us were passengers traveling at Christmas time. There were days where there were a lot of children, nearly 200. Then work was loud and crazy between the parents trying to keep the kids busy during the down times in the extras holding area. We waited in a spacious warehouse type of room, the kind where they do car shows and similar things.
We filmed scenes where we were in Los Angeles, then in the South, then in a snowed in Denver. And each time, we extras had to convey various emotions. One really fun scene involved a chase between Hollywood stunt men (flown in especially for that one scene). They were so taut and buff that all the women swooned! They were chasing a golf cart that one of the kids had stolen (it's not a secret; in fact it's part of the advertising for the movie). The scene culminates in a loud crash that caused all of us to jump and scream. Then when the director yelled CUT, we all applauded!
The director was very kind to all of us. I thanked him for not yelling at us and treating us like dirt. He said that it was a pet peeve of his; everyone was important, and no one should be treated like they didn't matter. And even though there were several takes of all the scenes, he would watch each take intently, laughing each time as if he had just seen it. He was a perfectionist, but not a jerk about it. We really enjoyed the process.
Well, that's it. I'm going to stop talking and let you read about the movie on the next page. Don't forget to drop by the Album pages and see the faces that make the movie look more real. See you at the movies!